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Terrorism and circumcision; circumcised first, then fanaticized (psychoanalysis of terrorism - circumcision makes men weapons of war)

Terrorism and circumcision; circumcised first, then fanaticized
(psychoanalysis of terrorism - circumcision makes men weapons of war)

Description : ISIS

I – Terrorised children

"A thanatophilia compulsion prevails in cultural anti-ethical customs, such as genital mutilation of children and adolescents." Moisés Tractenberg (lecture in the 11th symposium of NOCIRC, 2010)

"Every act of sexual penetration, whatever its nature, committed upon the person of the other through violence,… is a rape." Art 222-23 of the French criminal code

"The fact that you do not remember does not mean that you are not invaded by a traumatic memory." Muriel Salmona

For the child treated as a pure object, circumcision is an experience of violence, pain, terror, abandonment and powerlessness, to an extreme degree[1], [2].

"Sexual violence is, with torture, what causes the most psychotraumatic disorders."
Muriel Salmona

"Children hurt in their integrity do not stop loving their parents. They stop loving themselves." Jesper Juul

"The most important breeding ground for all future violence is violence to children."
Muriel Salmona

               Sexual mutilation (excision and circumcision) is the worst form of the black pedagogy that puts the child under terror (cf. Alice Miller). If most societies censure, to varying degrees, juvenile sexuality (autosexuality and premarital sexuality), a few, in order to ban it, go as far as sexual mutilation, which, from the child's point of view, is a mass terrorist attack, with torture in addition.

               Sexual mutilation was born in the ruling classes (rich enough to afford polygamy) of some primitive civilizations. The matter was avoiding incest through setting up an unconscious terror: the anguish of castration (exclusion and death). Indeed, under the family roof, grown-up sons lived together with their father’s young spouses, mixed with the eldest’s daughters. All-powerful fathers easily imposed the circumcision of their sons, a cruel warning (a threat of total castration in the case of transgression). In several societies, old spouses gained the daughters’ excision, a revolting destruction. The commercial argument: a deflowered girl is unmarriageable, hushed up all leanings of resistance. An unspeakable covenant of jealous adults was established between mothers and fathers, reducing children into quasi-slavery. The most virtuous societies escaped that contagious scourge. In some others, unable to make order prevail, parents had recourse to that equilibrium through terror. Later on, sorcerers and religious invented "founding" myths to give the thing a cultural and moral basis. That crazy pseudo-ethical pretence is that of a moral order[3] worse than that of fascism, artificially racist since discriminating the "non-mutilated" as lechers.
               A second powerful motivation joined itself to the first: submission of the youth through terror, of such efficacy that those millennial customs are now solidly settled. They have become second nature, extremely hard to eradicate. Even when polygamy, out of necessity, tends to disappear, the universal taboo on autosexuality impedes to end with them.

               Sexual mutilation is not the only form of adult terrorism against the child: humiliations of wanton authoritarianism, repression (forbidding and scorn) of infantile and premarital sexuality, slaps, smacking, blows, threats of castration, provoke as many traumas disturbing health and human relationships. That violence teaches the child the reason of the strongest and the ban on pleasure, sexual mutilation is its worst form. Originally a morbid safeguard against incest, it is not an accepted submission but a destroying and humiliating violence founded on lie, quick pardoned to irresponsible adults by trustful and loving children.

II – Terrorist children

  "Fanaticism is a monster that dares calling itself the son of religion." Voltaire

               The compulsion to excise or circumcise (and sometimes to cut off members or heads) observed by psychiatry in the victims of sexual mutilation, is the slightest consequence of the phenomenon. A famous example of it was King Saul’s behest towards David in order for him to gain his daughter’s hand: a-hundred-enemies’ foreskins (1 Sam, 18: 25-27). In history, circumcision was often a torture for defeated enemies (English prisoners of the Moguls, German prisoners of the Hereros in Namibia, Serbs circumcised by Muslims during the war in ex-Yugoslavia, etc…). In December 2000, 800 Moluccan Christians suffered forced "Islamization", including sexual mutilation of both sexes. In Kenya, at the beginning of 2008, the Kikuyus would circumcise the Luos in the middle of the streets out of political retaliation[4] [5] [6]. In 2015, in Mosul, Daesh massively excised and circumcised the Yazidis.
               September 2001 attacks in New York were only one example of the circumcised's warlike and suicidal tendencies: record rate of criminality and rape in the USA, the immoderate excess of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, relentlessness against Viet-Nam, unceasing wars and slaughters in Africa and the Middle-East. Between the slaughter of eleven Israeli Olympic team members in Munich (1972) and the attacks of Brussels, Orlando, Istanbul, Bagdad and Nice (2016), by way of those of Copernic (Paris, 1980), rue des rosiers (Paris, 1982), Saint Michel (Paris, 1995), Russia (1994-2005), Bali (2002), Madrid (2004), London (2005), Boston (2013), the Thalys train, Tunis, Paris, Bamako, Garissa (2015), without counting the innumerable ones committed in the Middle-East, Africa and in… American universities(!) nor the numerous thwarted ones, the quasi-totality of terrorist attacks have been committed by circumcised men, the most often in reaction to the permanent attack of the presence of circumcised invaders in Palestine. Circumcision is an invasive procedure; the circumcised will be invaders. Like the invasion of Palestine, those assaults are symptomatic of the blind thirst for revenge and megalomaniac paranoia of allegedly grown-up children.
               The discourse of the terrorist of the Thalys attack sadly revealed his circumcision trauma; his nonsensical request "Give back my gun!" refers to the castration of the foreskin, deeply buried in the unconscious of the poor man. It is illustrated by the image below that relates a true story, occurred in Morocco:

Description : Nele

               Circumcision deeply affects the relationship to women. The high rate of rape, domination and sometimes hate of women ("honour" crimes, etc.) with the circumcised are due to an unconscious thirst for vengeance against mothers who let their boys be mutilated[7]. In a survey[8] bearing upon 546 of their circumcised patients aged between 20 and 60, American psychologists and psychiatrists observed: anger, rage, sense of loss, shame, sense of having been victimized and mutilated, low self-esteem, fear, distrust, and grief, relationship difficulties, sexual anxieties, depression, reduced emotional expression, avoidance of intimacy.
               The use of rape as a weapon of war (RDC, Boko Haram, Isis…) is one of the most monstrous forms of the (unconscious) vengeance against circumcision. Collective rape and touching (Köln) – associated with stealing – and rape in the presence of the relatives are the most outrageous; those rapes unconsciously reproduce the conditions of perpetration of the circumcision crime where the presence of the whole community violates the dignity and modesty of the child. During group rape, laughter and songs reproduce those of the "festivities" of circumcision. In war rape, the issue is not so much to kill women, shot after use, than mothers, traitors who allowed the circumcision crime. Circumcision is a matter of power, war rape also, and very particularly.

III The psychoanalytical explanation:
repetition of the trauma: blind rage and re-enactment

Description : statues

Description : 11162473_472049252945835_3801661356539854119_n     Description : Excision5

               For young people treated as pure objects, sexual mutilation is an experience of violence, pain, terror, abandonment and powerlessness, to an extreme degree[9], [10]. The body loss and the implicit threat of castration aggravated by a beginning of realization[11], [12], [13], and thus death threat since, for the unconscious, the part equals the whole, create a terrible trauma[14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20]. Particularly likely since there is partial castration (beginning of castration), that threat is liable to destabilize the individual in the long term (PTSD). The most important is that that castration bears upon the organ of pleasure. The outcome is the reproduction, exacerbated and compulsive, of the parental and societal ban on pleasure.
               So, the Islamist assaults do not make their victims anywhere and do not target anything. They systematically occur in places of pleasure, leisure and encounter: beaches, hotels, bars, night-clubs, pleasures of sport (stadiums), pleasures of food (markets), spiritual pleasures (mosques, churches), intellectual pleasures (schools, universities, libraries), pleasures of music (concert venues), marginal pleasures (homophiles). The compulsion to destroy the aesthetic and cultural heritage: works of art, statues, archaeological sites, museums, libraries, churches, mosques, etc., discloses the unconscious trauma provoked by circumcision in the open air. Attacking precious objects achieves a vivid metaphor of circumcision. The paradigm of that compulsion lies in the suicide of the terrorists, which repeats their own circumcision.

               As early as 1930, in two similar letters to Chaim Choffler and Einstein, Sigmund Freud denounced the responsibility of the Zionist colonialism, fanaticism and racism, in the radicalization of Muslims:

"I notice with regret that the unrealistic fanaticism of our people is partly responsible for the arousing of Arabs’ distrust. I can muster no sympathy whatever for the misguided piety that makes a national religion from the remains of the wall of Herod, so challenging the feelings of the local natives..."

He omitted to mention that the psychological consequences of circumcision make both fanaticisms particularly venomous, as racist the one as the other.
               The psychohistorian Marc-André Cotton writes:

"Powerless for directing his legitimate rage against his own father who imposed a violent assault to his integrity, the young man might engage in risky behaviour without understanding the reason."[21]

               The psychoanalyst Moisés Tractenberg gave a brilliant formulation of the link between violence and circumcision:

"Another psychological consequence of early circumcision is that it imprints an aggressive and traumatic situation onto the mind of the new-born… The impossibility of processing such a tremendous infusion of inwardly focused aggression may lead, a posteriori, to the emergence of psychopathic and violent behaviour or, in many other cases, to the emergence of extreme masochistic behaviour."[22]

His explanation accounts for suicidal terrorism that mingles extreme sadism and extreme masochism. However, that explanation is psychological or psychiatric.

               The psychoanalytical explanation of the circumcised's high propensity to genocide, war, and terrorism is simple, it is that of the mechanism of the unconscious that equates the whole and the part, so that the loss of the foreskin and the related threat of castration become a strong unconscious motivation for murder and mass murder (notably those committed on American campuses). The psychoanalyst Tobie Nathan who compares initiation through circumcision to Nazi initiation and affirms that initiation by sadism is initiation to barbarity has illustrated it:

"Himmler ignored his nourishing sadistic drives, the initiation he received in the corps of the SS revealed it to him... The combination of these three levels (isolated emotion, and its ability to trigger perplexity, the attack against strongly invested parts of the body and its ability to trigger "anguish of castration", the paradoxical statements and their ability to trigger confusion) is essential to the expulsion of a subject from her or his envelope of meaning." [23]

So, we can complete Barack Obama's words by saying: routine circumcision, "routine killing". The banality of the evil of circumcision explains the banality of attacks, wars, and genocides committed by and against circumciseds; the quasi-totality of genocides are perpetrated in the presence of circumcision on one side or the other[24]. Of course, only a small minority of the circumcised population is traumatized to the point of becoming terrorist but it is enough with a very small percentage of gravely-traumatized to make thousands of terrorists and, in extreme circumstances, their violence may become contagious.

               The paranoid compulsion explains the warlike temper of sexually mutilated peoples and their neighbours, sometimes pushed to the extremes of terrorism and piracy, driven to the worst when it is exerted "in the name of God". By favouring submission to the established order and hyper-aggressiveness to defend it, circumcision gives an extremely powerful spring to endlessly renewed tribal wars. It makes the fortunes of arm dealers and gun merchants.



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