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Poll: 81% of circumcised men ignore "serial little orgasms", 89% of intact men enjoy them

      "Love first is a breath…" Morice Bénin

            Podnar[1] showed that the absence of the sacred (penilo or bulbo-cavernosus) re-flex, relatively rare with intact men (27% of the cases), is very frequent in circumcised men (92% of the cases). We are going to see that much the same applies to the male "serial little orgasms". They are very appreciated by the intact, from all antiquity; Tantrism recommends them because they spare the semen. Numerous are those who deem them an important part of their sexual life. They seem particularly fulfilling for the elderly. We have a few examples of circumcised men who could get them back after the restoration of their foreskin.

Little orgasms are similar to clitoral orgasms
            As well as the clitoris is the source of intense sensations that are different from the vaginal ones, the foreskin provides pleasures different from those of the glans. Handled with delicacy, man's feminine sexual organ brings as exquisite as infinite joys (as reminded by the Nobel prize in medicine George Wald[2]).
            Masculine "serial little orgasms"[3] are the best of the preludes to love. Accompanied with intense pleasure, they occur spontaneously in the beginning of erection and may be repeated indefinitely at the cost of some stimulation. They are involuntary erectile contractions, brief (around one second) and repetitive (at intervals of a few seconds), that stiffen and slightly lift up the erected penis. The little orgasms are thus similar to clitoral orgasms. They often naturally happen in the morning, bringing sweet awakenings. The contractions provoke the closure of the sphincter that allows the passage of sperm from the seminal vesicles into the urethra. The little orgasms have thus nothing to do with ejaculation and are very different from the common orgasm, multiple orgasms and delayed ejaculation ("edging"). Unlike the contractions grouped in clusters of the great orgasm, theirs are isolated and endlessly repetitive if stimulated: more or less 120 in 10 minutes (around 1 every 5 seconds). Happening casually during erection, they may be obtained after penetration, without movement. They are also provided by mere deep respiration fully inflating the bottom of the belly, by light and slow dry stroke from the perineum to the tip of the foreskin, insisting on the frenulum or on the ring of the tip, by little stretchings of the retracted foreskin, or by small pressures of the finger on the frenulum.

We gathered 220 answers from the circumcised and 103 from the intact.

1/ to the question:

Can you or your companion experiment the serial little orgasms through brief contractions of the penis without ejaculation?

179 circumcised (81%) answered no, against 41 yes,

10 intacts (10%) answered no, against 93 yes.

It must be thought that, as for the frequent absence of the sacred reflex, the cause is the decrease of sensitivity.

2/ To the question:

If yes, do you consider them an important part of your sexual life?

 (58%) of the intact and (50%) of the circumcised answered "yes".

This poll gives a good idea of the damage of circumcision to the sexual function. May it incite for surveys in vivo upon randomly selected samples. They should obtain similar results. We can already recommend with certainty: if you can't achieve little orgasms, let your boys do.

Now, it needs 2.000 answers (1,000 of each) to be conclusive, so, I'm reopening the poll at two adresses:



A poll for girls on the incidence of excision on clitoral orgasms (also needs 2.000 answers):

[1] Podnar S. Clinical elicitation of the penilo-cavernosus reflex in circumcised men, BJUI 2011, 109, 582-86.
[2] Wald G. Circumcision. 1975.

[3] Brauer A & D. How you and your lover can give each other hours of extended sexual orgasm.

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