dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Open letter to Mr the defender of rights and Mrs the defender of children

Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau                                                   Monsieur le défenseur des droits
89 rue d'Hauteville                                                                          7 rue Saint Florentin
75010 Paris                                                                                    75409 Paris cédex 08


For the attention of Madame Geneviève Avenard

Paris, December 25 2016,

On this Christmas day, I invite you to make a priceless gift to the children destined for sexual mutilation by the religion or customs of their parents.

The legislator has just condemned "every cruel, degrading of humiliating treatment, including every resort to corporal violence". I ask you to solemnly proclaim in the media that that addition to article 371-1 of the civil code, putting an end to the so-called right of correction of children, cannot not apply, without distinction of sex very obviously, to parental "corrections" of the human body. Besides the fact that the matter is an act of torture and barbarity initiated by a rape, sexual mutilation is especially criminal, and against humanity, since it is discriminatory with a pretence of moral superiority.

However, it will be well worth to remind that, committed without the intention of harming, those abominations do not concern the criminal justice system but that they justify the condemnation to significant damages of their authors by the civil courts.

On this opportunity, it would be desirable that you would invite the government to legislate in order to affirm that sexual mutilation without "very serious medical motive" is discriminatory; indeed, it discriminates children, communities, and the whole humanity.

Sincerely yours,

copy: Monsieur le président de la république

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