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Miley Cirus, femen of the year! (updated with images 10.20.2013)

Dear Miley, Mrs. Sinead O'Connor obviously cannot compete with you and particularly not her multiplication of matronizing and moralizing open letters ( that overall refer to her own disastrous experience of ill-advised star. Your marketing team is obviously far more efficient than hers at the time of her attack against a pope and the big fun you make around your own admirable clip ( is amusing the whole world. I enjoyed it, thank you. Now you did well to give up all polemic with her; she is too vulnerable and is not even aware of the fact that she was the first to insult you through calling you a whore. She got her answer right but if she wants an apology, she should apologize first, shouldn't she?

But moreover, through symbolically using a huge bell clapper for a swing game of nude going, you give a strong hand to the Femen who banged on Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral brand new bell during its consecration ceremony. They attacked the pope just like Sinead.

Miley Cirus, September 2013 (

The Femen in Notre-Dame de Paris, February 2012

Thanks to them, nudity has become women's first weapon against male chauvinism, matriarchy-patriarchy, and against their main argument: religions. Now you too, present the world with nice lay images against the undemocratic privilege of those whose bells keep on banging our ears hour after hour as if God was a clock! The man in your song is indeed as much a chain and ball to your feet as the priests to our ears.

The Femen in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Russia, 2013

The lovely images you offer us figure well side by side with the Femen's ones. Your symbolism has the advantage to present the wrecking you complain about in your song in a striking but nonviolent way. It nicely avenges for the psychological violence which the woman in the song endured, through violence against the walls, not the person.

So, dear "Smiley", your outstanding singing talent is beautifully supported by the genius of your director. Introducing nudism into the singing business is brilliant, all the more when joined with sentiment and humour. Miley, humanity will be thankful to you for joining the Femen and even going further in the fight against male chauvinism and Puritan bigotry. Your way is far more efficient (including for yourself) than Sinead's suicidal despise towards Pope John Paul II (any psychologist would think that she seemed to be settling an account with her own father), which did wreck her own career.

Sinead O'Connor tearing Pope John-Paul II's photograph, 1992

There is actually a great difference between prudish Sinead's rebellion against having been pimped by religion and religious education, and your own revolt. Your kissing that chain both subtly and grossly ridicules the enslavers of women through the kind and loving gift of your nudity and beauty. But Sinead's exhibition of her shaved skull was more masochistic than beautiful. Playing (not being) a prostitute, you subvert show business in a similar way to the black athletes in Mexico Olympic games,...

Black power salute, Mexico, 1968

Woman power salute, 200?

 but in a far less aggressive way. Kudos! Nudity is nice, it is the weapon of babies.

At variance with you, Sinead acts under the pressure of either "phone calls from various newspapers" or her "record company" eager to make more money with her, exactly what she reproaches you! She is merely projecting her own experience upon you. Since her story has something in common with Amanda Bynes' one, she seems to be making a mixture between you and her. Sinead must stop undermining women's fight against abusive men. She needs to learn that while drugs, notably alcohol, prostitution and rape belong to masculine culture, the feminine culture of nudity is a culture of nature, worthy for both sexes.

Her baby profiting by Amy Woodruff's yoga session

France's ex-first lady

Heinrich Campbell's FB profile picture
Demi Moore

No, prudish Sinead, deliberately chosen nudity is an act of bravery that cannot be called being a prey or whore. A prey is powerless; Miley's and the Femen's nudity is the most innocent, the most harmless form of power. They are powerful because they are free persons dressing and speaking freely, and no one can pimp them. Stupid and retrograde men will censor them, throw them out or jail them but while they are young and beautiful, which is their only capital, Miley and the Femen are absolutely right to make as much money as they can with it. So, please hush down your jealousy and moralizing morality. Leave Miley alone; she did not ask you anything, you provoked her calling her a whore. You got what you deserved when she answered calling you crazy. She has chosen to bury the quarrel you started, please, imitate her.

Writing about Miley: "… let’s give our young women the right weapons to fight with as they charge naked into battle, instead of ordering them to get back in the house and put some goddamn clothes on.", Amanda Palmer agrees with us (; so does Gloria Steinem who tells about Miley: "I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists." (

Now, "WOMEN, UNITE!"; Miley, Sinead, both Amandas, and other ones, instead of intellectually competing in endless rationalisations (like men would do!), please join your hearts and give for the fight against sexual mutilation that is one of the worst crimes against humanity since it strikes children and young girls (you can rely on this NGO that is run by workers of the UNO:

Yours sincerely,

Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau
Intactivist, Psychoanalysis researcher

Author of "Feminine and masculine sexual mutilation, the greatest crime against humanity", for free atéBertauxNavoiseau

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