mardi 9 avril 2013

Open letter to the President of the French Republic about the urgency to abolish circumcision

Michel Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau                                 Mr President of the Republic
89 Rue d'Hauteville                                                       Palais de l'Elysée
75010 Paris                                                                    75008 Paris

Paris, 8 April 2013,


January 2, 2013, your government has answered my May 31, 2012 letter to you. But this response is a vain wish that indefinitely postpones my request to legislate whereas there is an emergency to stop sexual torture and mutilation.

For circumcision makes the fortune of gun merchants; we can already count twelve genocide out of thirteen perpetrated in its presence, the wars in circumcising countries are at least three times more numerous than elsewhere. Finally, in all innocence and absolutely naturally, those of our neighbors who have been maimed by their own parents regularly commit the lethal excision, a direct consequence of the circumcision.

Your lack of response and the dilatory comment of your government do not face the situation.

The two short attached articles show on the one hand that circumcision is jeopardizing the whole humanity, and, on the other hand, is the most insidious and monstrously efficient technique for the exploitation of man by man.

François Mitterrand had the abolition of the death penalty voted, but psychoanalysis teaches us that from the point of view of the unconscious, that is to say, the logic of madness, cutting a head or cutting a clitoris or a foreskin is strictly equivalent. You would really enter in history if you would ask the Parliament to vote the abolition of all sexual mutilation without distinction of sex and call together the representatives of the two concerned religions in order to tell them that they have to integrate this abolition in their respective doctrines.

Like in Germany, the polls will show that such a law collects the approval of the majority of the population. The maiming discrimination of helpless minors must no longer be tolerated. Germany did not dare giving the example, the motherland of human rights must.

Respectfully yours,

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