jeudi 27 août 2015

Circumcision and rights of the child, shame on Muslim and Jewish intellectuals, except, of course, Mohamed Louizi and Jérôme Ségal

Michela Marzano, a philosopher
"We must not consecrate the body as such, it is only constituent of the person. It would be dangerous to push that logic of the physical integrity to the end, which could lead to ban, for instance, organ donation."
- Conflation between voluntary organ donation and forced organ deprivation!

Malek Chebel, an anthropologist
"I notice that a secular court in a secular country takes that decision concerning bodily injuries. Conversely, I can not follow the comments of the court on religious practice."

- The parents' religion take precedence over the right of the child? !

Aldo Naouri, a pediatrician and essayist
"Circumcision only has a justification as a symbolic act. The law came again to ban the symbolic, one day our societies will die for lack of symbols.."

- The foreskin would be a symbol of what, if not the right to autosexuality, denied by circumcision? We are far from pediatrics!

Alain Finkielkraut, a philosopher
"Anti-Semites of Nazi Germany hated circumcised Jews, and here humanist Germany, on behalf of good feelings, blacklists circumcision again."

- Conflation between racist hatred and love of all children, including Muslims, that motivates the respect for their integrity and their right not to be tortured!

The worst was the psychoanalyst Caroline Eliacheff's grossly anti-Freudian stand:

"Caroline Eliacheff's aborted hoax about the anti-circumcision decision of the court of Köln"

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