mercredi 20 mai 2015

French police(wo)men love Carly Bryant, Facebook censorship too! (updated February 21 2016)

"All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality. It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority." Martin Luther King

French police(wo)men chatting (and listening because there were two loud-speakers in the street just besides) with the organizers of May 16 2015 Carly's concert at  "ATELIERS PORTES OUVERTES (so-called)",, 59 rue de Rivoli, while Carly was singing. /

The Aftersquat 59 rue de Rivoli ( deleted that event from its FB page, likely due to this article (Thank you Aftersquat!), as you will understand in the following:

As can be seen in the small video released by Melody 101 (, there was something very ugly (defamatory towards France and Hergé to whom it ascribes a chauvinist prejudice towards the French, in the scenery of that little feast:

Very inappropriate images from the video that can be seen on Melody 101's page


Happily, Carly  does not appear in the loathsome video; 
for once she seems not wanting to live herself as a boy.
But nothing prevented to remove the three despicable paintings
during the gig,  nevertheless, the audience had to endure
those images of sadistic perversion!?

Sick distractions, Carly!
The three images of a zoophile Tintin
sodomizing Milou are scandalous
inasmuch as they shamelessly caricature the LGBT movement.
We are astonished and worried that you
should have accepted giving a show
in that exhibition of homophobic and Francophobic paintings.

The chauvinist and sexual discrimination is doubled, towards me this time, by Zuckerberg's firm that favours Melody 101 (Carly Bryant et Diogenes Baptistella) who publish that obscene video without being blocked for the sake of the rule of banning "Sexually explicit content":

- the first time, two years ago, was to my detriment on the day when I published my article FB destroyed my account (including my beautiful group "CARLY BRYANT'S FRIENDS") without warning,

- today, when I post the following image or a simple link towards the following images, FB blocks me for three days under the fallacious pretext of "Sexually explicit content", whereas Melody 101 acts with impunity:

I had posted a murdering caption, it is true:

But censoring a religious ritual under the guise of  "Sexually explicit content" is utter blasphemy.

However, apart from New York city town hall (Jewish), no authority of the three religions ever put forward the smallest protest against the monstrously and draculesquely sadist practice that already transmitted herpes to 17 babies, killing several of them and gravely damaging  the brain of several others for life.

I also suffered the definitive deletion of my other account with 330 friends for A SIMPLE LINK to my PINTEREST page:, because it contains the following images:


Gomco clamp circumcision

Armenia 1915 - Mosul 2014, forced so-called conversions to Islam

Here again, "anguish" is dreadfully euphemistic

Plus three days of blocking my present account for the same reason (till Wednesday 20 May 2015)!

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