vendredi 29 mai 2015

Anathema, a beautiful song by Morice Benin against sexual mutilation

"…not only does not the child's body belong to us but... their sex still less."   Françoise Dolto
"The sex of the (child) appears well as a stake of possession, a symbol of submission."    Simone Veil

AnathemaLittle Jew of the diaspora
They cut the tip of your penis
So as to sign your membership
To the chosen, divine, strong people
Little Muslim of the Kasbah
The same censorship threatens you
The whole flock of Allah's devotees
Believes getting pure by that deed
As soon as born, it's war at once
Little males screaming with pain
Grabbed from the breast of your mothers
By these inquisitor fathers
Lambs thrown away to the mercy
Of these torturers, these despots
Sanctified by the Talmud
Commissioned by the Sunnah
Little Jew of the diaspora
Little Muslim of the kasbah
You've no choice!

And for African little girls
One thousand miles away
It's the time of her castration:
Excised to become a woman!
Her mother sacrifices her, docile
To the Puritan group's dictate
Hacking all her pleasure away
Garbage can sex in your jewelry case
These are women who make you that
Carrying on tradition
Protecting their status of slaves
Women born in obedience

There is no wonder that later
Some of the males having grown up
Become inveterate rapists
Unconsciously avenging
And reproducing the hate
Of that original violence
Marked since early childhood
Live memory in the very flesh
Of their virginity sexes
At the heart of the being:
The anathema...

Jewish babies, African girls
Little boys of Islam
Will you be eternal victims
Of that patriarchy without soul?

The powercorrodes the fruit
Madnesstakes the place of reason
Humanitygets bogged down
So, ourtowers of Babel
Arousehatred and bitterness
Holy waragainst holy war
Reversethe evil and the good
Breathinghas become a challenge
Forgivenessthe unique sentence
Our soulsseek for a hold
In the netof an existence
Andwhisper an oration
So wouldpass along our lives
In thecrossing of a desert
Blindpeople in search of a scream
Who wouldpenetrate sleep

Words andmusic: Morice Benin, August 2014, with the light of Hervé Bertaux-Navoiseau

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