lundi 13 mai 2013


As an intact, I can enjoy, in 10 minutes, 120 (i. e. 1 every 5 seconds) most enjoyable, exquisite as a matter of fact, orgastic but-without-ejaculation contractions . I'm 66 but I ignored that phenomenon until 6 years ago when I received a message from a US intactivist who taught it to me.

The matter is isolated and repetitive (every 3 or five seconds) contractions or strengthnenings of the erection of the penis. These contractions are so enjoyable that all those who experiment them speak of orgasmic contractions, which definitely makes them look like clitoridian orgasms.

They can be obtained through gentle and soft stroking of the skin of the whole penis, including the scrotum and perineum, particularly of course of the foreskin itself, which assumes not to look for full orgasm through deep massage of the glans.

Now, could you (intacts and non-intacts) please try it and see what happens. Some intacts may not yet know about it, they won't be disappointed! :-)

Sorry for you, circumcised friends because I already had a few negative answers, but we need to check whether you can experiment the same or not. I need 100 answers (50 intacts and 50 non-intacts) as soon as possible:

Thankfullly yours,

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