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Formidable; a psychoanalyst speaks to a premature baby!
In parallel to this beautiful story, we mention this testimony collected on FB in the group: "The foreskin awareness programm":
Joey Forkner This happen to me. I was born at 7 months and I only weighed 3 pounds, had all kinds of problems, had to be put in an incubator for weeks yet they still gave me a botched circumcision the same hour I was born. Its pure evil, and how people are ok with this just makes me vomit.
see my transcription into English below

Catherine Vanier
Good morning, doll, good morning, toddler,
Oh, say, you're small, no?
You're small but you seem to be pretty well!
All your big pipes have gone,
You must feel better to breathe,
Off voice
Laurence was born 10 weeks in advance,
He weighs a little more than one kilo,
Catherine Vanier
Your mum was very worried of course,
because you are very small small
and she was wondering what was to happen to you, yes, baby,
it was very difficult for mum to stay
then, she has gone back a little
but she will come back and tomorrow she'll be better already
Off voice
For twenty years, Catherine has been whispering at the ear of prematured babies

with comforting words,

this psychoanalyst welcomes these children born much too soon
explaining them where they are and what's happening to them
Catherine Vanier
So, welcome, welcome in the ward,
welcome in the world of humans,
everybody is going to take care of you,
we are going to help you to grow up,
you can sleep quietly,
The issue is not so much the words he understands,
The issue is the tone with which you say it,
And the fact that he feels related with humans
And not only plugged into machines in order to make him breathe
And being related to humans is what also enables to become human,
This welcome enables to avoid many complications.
Off voice
After a difficult birth where the child had to be separated from his mother
In order to be quickly plugged into reanimation machines,
The contact between the parents and their child is sometimes difficult to reestablish,
However, this link is basic.
Dr Pascal Bolot
If you reanimate a child, if you make a total abstraction of the mother or the father,
If you do not consider this link, this poor baby is going to be totally depressed under his machine, with his catheter; of course, there are the nurses who are going to take great care of him, but this is not all.
Catherine Vanier
All right, you're allright today,
Yes, all right, all right
So you are less worried, now.
Off voice
In order to help these women to feel being mothers, Catherine unceasingly goes and meet them.
Shanon was born three months early, today, she has passed the critical moment but she is still not ready to quit the ward.
The problem is that we do not know when exactly she will go out,
Catherine Vanier
It's true, here, the problem is really this;
Look, already when she is born, you ask the doctor whether she is going to be all right or not, he tells you: "You've got to wait, I cannot tell you at once", therefore, you've to wait for a long time, and then, you ask for when she will go out and no one can tell you.
Mother Shana
Sometimes, I come with my husband, but now he began to work and I come alone and when I'm next to her, I think of all that and fortunately, Mrs, she passes by and she encourages me, reassures me. Here it is.
Doctor Bolot
Once this mother is psychologically apt to take her baby, we are going to have a little baby who is going to progress without making silly things – it's not very medical – but without making bradichardies, without making saturations, a baby who is going to be wholly calm, rested in the arms of her mum.
Catherine Vanier
She is very funny,
Catherine Vanier
she tells us many things, she is very happy that we should take care of her, talk to her, and that we put a lot of words upon the story, it is something that seems to count enormously for her.
At the very beginning, when I arrived, twenty years ago, they told me: "It is not possible, you are a witch, this is witchcraft, only witches talk and it operates upon the body of the child. I very much puzzled them, at the beginning.
And when they realized this, believe me, it enabled, actually, the reanimation to occur differently, then, they began to believe it. It was difficult chances, honestly. Now, we are very reassured for her, you too, you feel more at ease, too.
We ask ourselves many questions, in fact, after, we feel more at ease, with time, we know that it's all right.
Off voice

Reassuring the child,
encouraging the parents, and sometimes even
supporting the team, Catherine Vanier helps everyone to cross over the difficult times, often linked with premature birth, so that, later, they can profit better by the first moments of serenity.

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