vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Trixie Whitley, a genius sings the blues for a beloved father

Very few jazzmen will have had their death celebrated as brilliantly as Chris Whitley (1960 - 2005). Indeed, his own daughter's songs seem to mourn him with a formidable rage. The rage of an admirable filial piety rebelling against the disappearance of a beloved dad when she was 18 years old. Trixie is making her way as a major singer songwriter, of great originality and talent, always happily accompanied by excellent musicians.

When I expressed my admiration to her at the exit of her 10.25.2012 Paris concert in La Cigale, I told her: "For me, you are a genius of jazz like Monk or Davis"; she seemed to doubt it and I repeated hardening my face so that she would not think it flattering.

She answered: "Oh, Monk is my hero!"

That was a lovely childish answer, and indeed, geniuses are the ones who, as adults, allow the child within themselves to speak up.

Congratulations, Trixie, when hearing your extraordinarily husky and heartwrenching voice, we cannot help but sharing your sorrow and grieving together with you. Such a voice gets us in the guts and will forever remain engraved in our hearts and souls.

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