samedi 17 novembre 2012

Stars and sexual mutilation

I spoke to Joan Baez at the end of her 21 March 2006 Paris concert in Le grand Rex. I had been waiting for her at the artist exit. After her formidable singing for at least two hours with an as powerful voice as when young, we glanced at each other over the barrier made by her nervous bodyguards (I heard them saying that someone wanted to murder her). I had the most fantastic eye orgasm of my life: not a love stream (cf. John Cassavetes's movie), a love river, at least the Nile..., an extreme enjoyment, "the time of my life", like never before and probably after... As she was passing a meter from me, I told her: "Mrs. Baez, I have come to ask you to say a few words in a movie against sexual mutilation." (that a French intactivist was making). She did as if she had not heard. I then tried to give her a letter against sexual mutilation, asking her to sing against it but, refusing to sign autographs to the three dozens of persons who had been queuing to talk to her, she abruptly went away in a roaring limousine. I had had the opportunity to give my letter to a member of her team; she never answered.

A few years after, at the end of her show in La Cigale, I asked Suzanne Vega to put in music my poem "For the rights of the child". We shook hands dearly but I never got an answer.

The year later, in the same place, I gave a similar request to a member of Ani Difranco's team (she did not come and speak to the people after the concert). No answer either!

At last, 23 July 2011, in my daily walk in the Latin Quarter, I dropped upon Carly Bryant busking at the cross-roads of rue de la Harpe and Rue Saint Séverin. I had a beautifully sweet time; mere enchantment. As I was amazed, the Chinese manager of the restaurant who was listening next to me taught me: "This is soul music, real good."

He couldn't notice the very sweet and long, obviously shared this time, love stream between Carly and I ("love at first sight"), my next after Joan Baez six years before. At the end of her gig, holding the 5 Euros of her CD out to her, I told her: "That was brilliant (I didn't know her name yet!), could I have a CD, please."

Later on, I sent her an e-mail asking her to sing in a concert against FGM,suggesting that she would write a song for the opportunity.

She did not only offer to do it:

"So, a song for human rights (I underline) I CAN do.",

but speaking about human rights rather than women's rights, she also interpreted my request in a nonsexist way; see the two kid drawing that she adopted in her photo album where she quotes this article on various opportunities:

AND SHE COULD; no one's heard the new song yet, it's called "H.E.L.P., part 2", with the same magnificent music as "H.E.L.P. - part 1":

I'm solemnly asking all intactivists around the world, particularly the feminists, to invite her to sing it.

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