lundi 8 août 2016

Anonymous Poll - Circumciseds, do you experience the little orgasms in series?

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Little orgasms are similar to clitoral orgasms

            As well as the clitoris is the source of intense sensations that are different from vaginal ones, the foreskin provides little-known pleasures, different from those of the glans. Handled with delicacy, man's feminine (as reminded by medicine Nobel prize George Wald[1]) sexual organ brings as exquisite as infinite joys.

            Accompanied with intense pleasure, masculine "little orgasms in series"[2] are brief and repetitive orgasmic contractions (at intervals of a few seconds) that stiffen and slightly raise up the erected penis, and are thus similar to clitoral orgasms. Occurring without ejaculation (the contraction provokes the closure of the sphincter that allows the passage of sperm from the seminal vesicles into the urethra), they do no imply the pubococcygeus muscle and must be distinguished from common orgasm, multiple orgasms and delayed ejaculation ("edging"). Unlike the contractions grouped in clusters of the great orgasm, these are isolated (a few seconds between each one) and endlessly repetitive: 120 in 10 minutes, 1 every 5 seconds, sometimes more, sometimes less. They are the climax of the preludes of love. Happening casually during erection, they may be obtained after penetration, without movement. They are also provided by mere deep respiration inflating well the bottom of the belly, by light and slow dry stroke from the perineum to the tip of the foreskin insisting on the fraenulum or on the ring of the tip, by little stretchings of the retracted foreskin or by small pressures of the finger on the fraenulum.

[1] Wald G. Circumcision. 1975.
[2] Brauer A & D. How you and your lover can give each other hours of extended sexual orgasm.

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