mercredi 6 avril 2016

TERRORISM AND CIRCUMCISION Isn't there is a link between valuable objects and sexual parts; aren't the latter our most valuable objects?

Terrorism and circumcision; circumcised first, then fanaticized (psychoanalysis of terrorism - circumcision turns men into weapons of war)


"Sexual violence is, with torture, what causes the most psychotraumatic disorders."
Muriel Salmona

The Islamist assaults do not make their victims anywhere and do not target anything. They systematically occur in places of pleasure, leisure and encounter: beaches, hotels, bars, night-clubs, pleasures of sport (stadiums), pleasures of food (markets), spiritual pleasures (mosques, churches), intellectual pleasures (schools, universities, libraries), pleasures of music (concert venues), marginal pleasures (homophiles). The compulsion to destroy the aesthetic and cultural heritage: works of art, statues, archaeological sites, museums, libraries, churches, mosques, etc., discloses the unconscious trauma provoked by circumcision in the open air. Attacking precious objects achieves a vivid metaphor of circumcision. The paradigm of that compulsion lies in the suicide of the terrorists, which repeats their own circumcision.

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