samedi 13 juin 2015

"Hiding one's face is undermining the minimum requirements of life in society."

"Law N° 2010-1192 of 11 October 2010 prohibiting concealment of the face in public areas reflects the desire of the national representation to solemnly reaffirm the values of the Republic and the requirements of living together.

Hiding one's face is undermining the minimum requirements of life in society. It also places those concerned in a situation of exclusion and inferiority incompatible with the principles of freedom, equality and human dignity affirmed by the French Republic.

The Republic is lived openly. Because it is based on gathering together around common values and the construction of a shared destiny, it cannot accept exclusion and rejection practices, whatever the pretext or terms ...

... Article 1 of the law states that "no person may, in the public space, wear clothing intended to conceal their face."

... The scope of the ban
Outfits designed to hide the face are those that make it impossible to identify the person. It is not necessary, for this purpose, that the face should be completely hidden. Without being exhaustive, is notably prohibited, wearing hoods, whole veils (burqa, niqab ...), masks or any other accessories or clothes that have the effect, in isolation or in combination with others, to conceal the face. Since the offense is a contravention, the existence of an intention is indifferent: it is sufficient that the outfit is intended to conceal the face. "

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