mardi 3 février 2015

Carly Bryant in all her art (from all her heart) in "Lion cub"

"I howl in pain..."

This song is called Lion Cub, and I wrote it shortly after my wonderful Dad left this earth. Here are the lyrics:
It's been a nervous feeling all the time
A sense of dread, a lot of wine
A constant fear inside
A family time since you died
It's like a desert scene in Africa
I'm a lion cub who's lost at night
All the colours of the day drifted away
The oranges and pinks sink into grey
I have no words left to say
I howl in pain
I didn't tie this knot, but it won't leave
It's as relentless as my own heart beat
And talking of hearts, I get angry at yours
I'm a lion cub, lost at night
hoping the sun will come soon
And howling into the moon

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