lundi 6 janvier 2014

Puritan Guiness World Records turns down the number of penile orgasmic contractions per minute! (updated 01.09.2014)

Penile orgasmic contractions are very enjoyable.

They are obtained by mere dry caress of the skin of the penis or through the use of the retracted foreskin like an accordion, preferably through slow, and even very slow movements. They are not accompanied with ejaculation. On the contrary, they impede it by the closure of a sphincter. So, they look like clitoral orgasms.

They may multiply quite a long time; I can get 12 per minute but I'm sure young men might get many more.

Who beats my 12 PER MINUTE record?

Come on, at work, friends; I've just submitted this unedited record at the Guiness Book's site!

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