lundi 16 septembre 2013


"If you wish being quiet in a country, give haschich to everybody and they will all be dopey." Charles Baudelaire

"Haschich makes society useless to man and man useless to society." Charles Baudelaire

Shiva, the God of destruction, was also the Lord of cannabis.

The Scythians were the only Indo-European people that would practice children sacrifice. In their religious ceremonies, they used to burn hemp and drug themselves with cannabis.

The Chou dynasty, 700 BC, decided that cannabis is Ying et Yang, i. e. poisonous remedy. The desire of emperors not to cure with poisonous remedies with judged problematic outcomes made them opt for acupuncture rather than cannabis.

To the thousands of deaths due to traffic accidents caused by cannabis, and to the tenths of thousands of injured, to those who threw themselves out the window, to the incivilities, to the school failures, to the babies of whom the destiny was sealed even before being born.

The Suede epidemiologist Arseneault's enquiry on 961 young adults compared, in matter of agressive behavior, a reference group and the three following ones with these results:
3,9 for marijuana users,
2,5 for chronic ethylics ,
1,9 for schizophrenes.

Andreasson, a Suede, followed 50 000 young men during during 15 and even 25 years (!); hhis awesomely rigorous enquiry demonstrates that, for subjects without cannabis, there are around 5 cases of schizophrenia for 1000 patients whereas, in the group that takes more than 50 joints, there are 30 cases of schizophrenia for 1000 patients…

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