mardi 18 juin 2013


If womanhood is usually associated with grace, gentleness and tenderness, it also includes a particular form of power in front of which men can only hush down. Nadéah is a good illustration of it. Whatever of her inspiring melodies and admirable poems she may sing with an amazing voice, may it be merry or sad, strong or tender, she always keeps on her face an expression of great simplicity and naturalness. When she is not a rebel, Nadéah is cool and simple. She is a fulfilled woman but as innocent as a kid without the slightest affectation, may she be very stripped or not. Nature at its best. But what a loving and an exploding nature! On the one hand, she scarcely closes her eyes when singing but enjoys sharing glances with members of the audience, on the other hand, when she yells in rage against forced medication in PH, the death of a beloved husband or arrogant seducers, everybody fears she would break her wonderful vocal cords, but no, she calms down abruptly without showing a trace of her preceding passion. A formidable presence linked to absolute self-possession. Kindness is the word, courage and beauty too.

Nadéah, sweet and sexy poetess, deep-sea diver (your words) bringing back wonderful pearls, you are rising up into the twilight of stars. But please, stay with us in Paris, would it only be to teach hurried French to "turn the hours into weeks"...

Back from a friendly concert Place carrée des Halles this Monday June 17 2013.

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