mardi 13 août 2013

The woman lover of a circumcised and an intact speaks!

"It was probably because I was having sex with two different men within a short period of time that I was impacted by the vast difference in both the intercourse experience and my general attitude toward these two men.

With Tom, the natural man, sex was passionate, gentle, softlysmooth, and sensuous—all the wonderful things a woman dreams it should be. When we had sex, I truly wanted it to go on forever and would beg him for more, more, more. Too much was never enough. He knew the exact thrusting rhythms to use, bringing me to indescribable heights of passion and pleasure. Every cell of my body became filled with desire and ecstasy when we touched. I eagerly anticipated our next rendezvous and constantly daydreamed about his sweet, sexy, splendid lovemaking.
In comparison, sex with Mike, the circumcised man, was considerably less pleasurable..." 
Kristen O'Hara

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